The research topic will focus on Gilded Age (Golden Age).
The research topic will focus on Gilded Age (Golden Age).

1) What is the historical question (thesis) of your intended research? The research topic will focus on Gilded Age (Golden Age).
2) What sources might you use? (pick at least 2 sources for now), check in the library computer system for something that would represent 1) primary source and 1) secondary source. At this point stay away from online sources, try to find things you can actually get your hands on. The first resource to be used in this research paper is..
• Give Me Liberty!: An American History (Brief Third Edition) (Vol. 2
• The gilded age and later novels
3) What is the media of your sources (film, book, interview, etc) where are they from, are they academic? Both sources are books which are academic. The first book is the lecture book and the second one is the book written by Mark Twain the person who chose the word gilded age for this period time of US history (1880-1900).
4) Why are these sources reliable, historically relevant to your topic? The materials used is these two books are reliable and academic. The Gilded age and later novels books written by Mark twain is the most reliable source because the Author actually experienced the events that happened at that period of the time
5) THESIS: Is your thesis arguable from a historical perspective? The Gilded age as the author Mark Twain described was an era of serious social problems and corruption covered by a thin Golding. So many important events happened such as rise of steel and oil industry, poverty, immigration and the born of middle class economy. This period of time was the best for rich people and nightmare for poor people. People lived below poverty line. In the south congress tried to destroy Indian reservations, the purpose was to remove land and force Indians to relinquish their home land. The act was called “The Dames act”. In the positive side of the story many new inventions happened such as first automobile, invention of telephone and light bulb. Besides all the corruption and poverty USA had the biggest economy at the time which attracted immigration from Europe countries.

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